"Never wake me when I'm smiling."

Big ideas. Whether it's creating one of your own or sharing in nurturing someone else's, it doesn't matter; I still get a kick out of them. I see my job as helping to create compelling experiences. Experiences that influence behaviours, motivate change, and ultimately add value to people's lives in some small way. Big ideas do that. Through clear strategic thinking, bucket-loads of creative flair, and having the confidence in not fearing to make mistakes. All in the restless pursuit of better. 

About me

I learned my craft at some of London's best agencies before gaining international experience working in Australia and The Middle East.  I have revived an iconic British Sports Car brand, helped rebrand an airline with Nicole Kidman's help, tackled terrorism and extremism, revamped a leading sports broadcaster, created one of the UK's most successful Drink Drive campaigns and even told the story of the world's tallest building. My work is globally recognised, having won various international awards including Cannes, BTA, Campaign, Art Director's Club, Graphis and Dubai Lynx. 

I've done quite a lot. But there's always more to do.

What others say

What a great guy to bounce ideas around with. What a brilliant way of answering that brief. What a different way of thinking about an audience. And what a lovely turn of phrase to use when talking to them. What a gent. What a loss. What a shame. What do I do now?
Paul Baker - Executive Creative Director 
The Marketing Practice

I have worked with many different Creative Directors at a variety of top agencies, and Neil is one that I would definitely recommend. He has the rare ability able to look at any project from a broad perspective and solve the problems that need solving, while always retaining an infectious passion for steering creative work of the highest standard. This passion naturally rubs off on his wider team, and the fact he's also a great guy and a pleasure to work with, made him a great mentor to me during our time working together. Any agency would be lucky to have him. 
Mike Etheridge - Associate Creative Director 
Breakthrough Media

Neil Williams is a talented Head of Copy. He has many strengths, including creating big brand idea/concepts, crafting emotive brand stories that flow effortlessly and leading the development and ideation of advertising campaigns. As a senior manager at The Brand Union, Middle East, he has been a continual source of inspiration to the team with his wry sense of humour and built-in positivity. A natural presenter and storyteller, Neil is a great client-facing guy and clients love him. Neil is a thoroughly decent person who won't let you down and a creative without 'the attitude'' that so often comes with such talents. I would relish the opportunity of working with Neil in the future.
Iain Webster - Executive Director

Neil is a great person to work with on every level. He is creative, passionate about his work, quirky, self-motivated but above all, has a huge heart and is so pleasant to work with.
Lana Bdeir - Branding Consultant


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