Spotting the signs of radicalisation




Families Against Stress & Trauma (FAST), is a UK-based organisation that provides vital support to vulnerable families and individuals.

With the changing situation in conflict zones in Syria and Iraq, a growing threat of homegrown radicalised individuals existed in the UK, looking to commit domestic acts of terror. FAST reacted with a campaign that would expose the emotional impact on families, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to spot and challenge radicalisation.

The ‘Spot the Signs’ campaign included Facebook films, which shared the emotive testimonies of family members of individuals affected by radicalisation, with stylised childhood images of the perpetrators, a website, press and outdoor poster executions in high Prevent areas, educational resources, series of workshops and PR activity around a launch event with the UK Home Secretary.

Role: Creative Direction + Conceptual Thinking + Copywriting

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