Uniting the world through football




Today, millions of people are affected by marginalisation. It leaves disenfranchised communities facing preconceptions and negative stereotyping. 

Football for Peace is a diplomatic sports movement that works with central governments, Football Federations, local councils and schools, as impartial negotiators in areas where dialogue has broken down. By influencing diplomatic, social and political relationships they inspire greater understanding within marginalised communities.

This commissioned sales brochure, tells the organisation's story by showcasing their successful initiatives at home and around the globe. Influenced by the “All Together Now” sculpture created by artist Andrew Edwards, depicting the Christmas Day peace match in WW1, the brochure plays on the theme of bringing opposing sides together. 

The brochure also comes complete with a set of Panini-like collectable stickers of footballing legends Pele, Ronaldinho and others, who help to make up the Football For Peace international team. 

Role: Creative Direction + Copywriting